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Dani Kaltoft Kobeissi SharePoint 2010 2 Comments

I had a client experiencing very slow performance when ever opening a library using the Open with Explorer option.

Lots of posts regarding slow performance in regards to opening libraries using Windows Explorer seem to focus on different registry settings or GUI editable network settings.

Now, the library had only around 900 folders, with a view that was sorted alphabetically ascending on the title column.

In this case, however, the solution was simple. I created an index on the title column, waited a few minutes, and that was it.

Now their employees are experiencing a blasting performance when opening their document library, and the CTO is smiling a whole lot more.

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  1. amber

    How do you index the Title column? Not familiar with this, and I am trying to find a solution to Open with Explorer being so slow!

    1. Post
      Dani Kaltoft Kobeissi

      Hi Amber

      I’m currently on vacation which is also the cause of this late reply. Please note that some links and labels I refere to below may be named differently since I accessed a Danish SharePoint Site to create this “guide”… I’ll update it when I’m back from my vacation.

      To create an index on the title column, you will need to go to the list/library, then list/library settings. Under the Column section there is a link named Indexed columns, click on the link, and then click on New index. In the primary column, you can select the Title column, and then click create.

      I hope this helps.

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