32-bit ODBC System DSN on 64-bit Windows using Group Policy Client Preferences

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I searched around and found two different approaches to creating 32-bit System DSN’s on a 64-bit box. One was using powershell to load registry keys, the other used GPO Client Side Preferences to define User DSN’s which creates the 64-bit DSN and a 32-bit equivalent.

The thing is, I actually prefer using GPO’s for settings instead of scripting them. Also, I want to be able to update DSN’s without having users logging off and back on…..

Lenovo vs. Ericsson F3507g – a fight that never ends…

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Yes, it seems that with every update to the driver software or Access Connections, trouble has to follow.
I was genuinely happy when I found that Lenovo had release a new version of System Update with support for Win7.
I threw it on my x301, ran System Update and everything seemed just fine… BIOS, software and drivers were successfully updated – and once again, I was happy.

Error during installation of Nintex Workflow 2007

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Today, I was installing Nintex Workflow 2007 on a fresh install of Office Sharepoint Server 2007. During the installation en error popped up in a command-prompt stating System.Security.SecurityException: access denied at the top and at the bottom for the zone: MyComputer. I did some Nintex specific searching but nothing really came across as a solution to this.