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Dani Kaltoft Kobeissi SharePoint 2010 2 Comments

In a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki I was unable to select any Categories; the Categories field was greyed out and the Browse button just didn’t work.

Opening the Library Settings, and selecting the Wiki Categories column I was presented with the error message: “The required feature is not enabled for this column type”.

I spend some time trying to figure this one out working my way around the Managed Metadata Service Application settings and properties as well as Site Collection and Site Features, and finally… I gave up!

Luckily Google didn’t and sent me to this page:

It turns out enabling the Taxonomy feature on the Site Collection does the trick. Now, why didn’t I do that when troubleshooting this one myself… well, the Taxonomy Feature can not be enabled from within Central Administration…

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  1. Mike

    You can enable Wiki Categories by adding the column “Wiki Categories”. If it’s already there, great; click on it, and go to Term Set Settings. If your MMS is set up correctly you can select the term Group or Term set that you want your wiki categories to consume. this will “un-grey” the “Categories” control on your wiki pages when you edit them.

  2. Sanj

    Thanks. I am able to see these categorizes however whenever user selects any category sharepoint display all pages related to that category with some different display. i.e. with Page symbol with no info. Now I need to change this display. Can any one help me?

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