The Battle is Over … Lenove X301 vs. Ericcson F3507g

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I finally took the time to get the WWAN adapter to work – however, it’s not pretty, and requires you to clear a few hours on your schedule.

For a very long time I have not needed to use my WWAN adapter since I have been working at client sites with plenty of network access. However, it has been bugging me that the damn thing still wasn’t working.

So I ordered another disk, and cloned my entire HDD onto that as a backup.

I startet the Lenovo System Update (v4.0) and updated the BIOS. I then complete wiped my disk, and reinstalled Windows 7 Enterprise edition x64 to take full advantage of my 4 Gb mem.

Since the wireless network adapter is recognized without any issues, I updated Windows using Windows Update and rebooted. Then, I downloaded the the Lenovo System Update and selected all for installation exept for the Lenovo Toolbox – simply because I find it useless.

System Update downloaded the software and installed, however I did receive errors while installing the Power Management Driver and Power Management software. And the Access Connections, Power Management, and Enhanced Bluetooth didn’t install and were available for manual installation – which I did not do.

I rebooted, received an error which related to the Power Management Driver, so I uninstalled both the Power Management Driver and -Software.

Without rebooting, I reinstalled these AND access connections using System Update and then rebooted – and gone was the Power Management related error, but as always another error appeared. This time it was the Bluetooth software. Same procedure as last time – I uninstalled the Enhanced BT, and without rebooting reinstalled it using System Update.

And now, finally, everything works just as it should and I am writing this post while connected to the Internet using the Ericcson WWAN adapter.

So now I’m off to reinstall my apps, and restore my data…

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