Windows Update error returned 80072EFD … remember, always check twice.

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I had just completed installing the new server for my new SharePoint 2010 Demo domain. I had set static ip-address, subnet, gateway, dns-servers, everything was just fine. Well, at least until I tried to run Windows Update. I was presented with the very descriptive error 80072EFD and a link on how to resolve this error.

It turns out this error often relates to connectivity issues, so I did the quick’n’dirty; I completely disabled Windows Firewall. Started checking for updates, and of course nothing had changed. I rechecked my ip settings, I even checked the corporate perimeter firewall, everything seemed just fine.

Googleing a bit, as usual, I stumbled upon others who had similar issues, and who resolved them by activating their Windows installation. Under normal circumstances I do not activate my license until my installation and configuration is complete. But, I did activate my license.

Back into Windows Update, Check for updates, boom… the same error was slammed at my face.

I’m not the quitting kind, so I persisted in rechecking our network, firewall, etc… and guess what… the solution was… the corporate firewall. From the DMZ servers were allowed to use several protocols to the internet, however, I had originally forgotten to allow https.

So, check, recheck, and check again.

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