Hide the Quick Lauch Bar etc. in SharePoint 2010 Team Sites Welcome Page and other Wiki-pages

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If you want to remove the Quick Launch Bar in SharePoint 2010 Team Sites or Wiki Pages, there’s no need to add the Content Editor Web Part.

Also, the v4 Master Page uses different tags than the old default Master Page and you will also have to set the correct left-margin to another div-tag to avoid having a whitespace where the Quick Launch Bar was placed.

So, to make this work follow these simple instructions:

1. In Site Settings, choose Edit Page
2. Since the Team Sites now use a Wiki-type Page, simply click on the HTML drop-down menu on the far right of the Ribbon and select Edit HTML Source.
3. Insert the following code at the very top of the HTML code.

   #s4-leftpanel {display: none;}
   #MSO_ContentTable {margin-left:0px;}

That’s it. Now the Quick Launch bar disappears as well as the All Site Content and Recycle Bin links.

I’ll make another post on hiding the Quick Lauch Bar on a Web Parts Page in a day or two.

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