Typo in SharePoint Announcements list with Danish MUI

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For some time it has been bothering me, that several of my clients SharePoint installations (WSS and MOSS) had a typo in the Announcements list when using the List View Web Part.

The Danish version was outputting “og Author” instead of  “af Author”, which roughly translates to “and Author” instead of “by Author”.

While Googleing to find answers I disovered the Data View Web Part which apparently is only available through SharePoint Designer 2007, and it seemed that was the way to go. Now let me assure you, I’m no SharePoint developer, nor have I had much experience writing anything other than a little vb-scripting, kix-scripting and the good old batch-scripting.

So, as you can probably imagine, I had some reading to do, from how to add the DVWP to a Web Parts page, I had to refresh my XSLT (it has been a while) and how to pass the pageurl from the page where you have the DVWP in case you click the “Add new item”-link to make sure that once the new entry has been made you are returned to the correct page instead of being redirected to the list itself.

That did take me a while, and I ended up with a Web Part that looked similar to the List View Web Part, and in my humble opinion mine looked slightly better since i aligned the “date” of an entry to the right…

As I was getting ready to try this out of my SharePoint sandbox installation I was presented with another option by Paul Lucas. Well, actually two options, but I’ll stick to the one I used – which was much much simpler.

The schema.xml for the announcements list referenced $Resources:2000; which turns out to be a key in the danish version of core.resx file (core.da-dk.resx) located in %programfiles%Common FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12Resources.

I opened the core.da-dk.resx with the infamous Notepad, did a search for 2000 which gave me this:

<data name=”2000″>
  <value>og </value>
</data name>

And yes, you guessed right; I changed og to af saved the file, ran iisreset and the typo was no longer among us… Ofcourse, you’ll have to check up on the file whenever patching to make sure that the change is not reverted – but I can live with that, as can my clients.

What really pussles me is why this has not been corrected by Microsoft. I can remember this issue back to the initial releases of WSS3.0 and MOSS 2007…. it’s not like no HotFixes, Cummulative Updates or Service Packs have been released…

Anyway, thank you Paul Lucas, and I hope this will help someone else…

And in case someone out there still wants my DVWP based Announcements list Web Part, please let me know, and I’ll write another post on that.

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